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Solid-state & Material Chemistry Research Group

Ph.D. students

1. Poojita (Ph.D. from January 2022)

B.Sc.- Miranda House College (University of Delhi).

M.Sc.- NIT Jalandhar (Topper).

Research Area: Investigations of New Crystalline solids for Energy Related Applications


2. Manisha (Ph.D. from January 2023)


1. Dr. Tanmay Rom (Ph.D. awarded 3rd August 2023), Currently post-doc at JNCASR Bengaluru

2. Dr. Rajendiran Kanagaraj (Ph.D awarded on 30th December 2022)

3. Dr. Nikhil Kumar (Ph.D. awarded 4th August 2021), Currently Scientist at CSIR-NML Jamshedpur

4Dr. Naveen Kumari (Ph.D. awarded Oct. 2019), Currently working as Assistant Professor at BMU Rohtak, Haryana.

5. Neha Pant ( 2017)

6. Shubhangi Srivastava ( 2019), Currently pursuing Ph.D. at IIT BHU. 

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